In this site, you can download files in csv format packaged in zip files, with the variables chosen in the download page, for the period of time and the area defined in that same page.

To download, you have to create an account. You will have to give your email address in order to validate the account. The information given will only be used to create the account and will not be shared in any way with anyone.

Define a selection

First, the area can be defined in two ways:

  1. either by using the mouse in the interactive map,
  2. or by entering in the boxes the coordinates in latitude and longitude of the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the rectangle used to define it.

Whatever the way used, the selected area is marked with a black rectangle on the map. The area where there are calculation points corresponding to csv files is marked with a red rectangle outside the black one. Each pixel in that red rectangle corresponds to a calculation point for which csv files can be downloaded.

For this area, you can choose in the following boxes:

Choose also the maximum size of each file to be downloaded.

Once the selection is done, you will be directed to the dashboard which gives a summary of the selection with the numbers of files to be downloaded. A history of your previous downloads is also displayed.

Only one selection can be made and saved at a time: to modify it or to make a new selection, you have to delete the current selection first.

Buttons are available for different actions: download, as well as see, save, delete and restart the selection.

Download the data

The daily download limit is of 1 GB. It is applicable by visitor and by IP address, which means that if several visitors use the same computer, they won't be able to download together more that that daily limit.

Each zip file containing files in csv format can be of a size from 5 to 100MB, according to your choice made previously. If the selection is higher than the daily download limit, the selection will be saved and you will then have to come back in the next days to continue downloading.

Files in csv format contain the dates in the first column in the following format: YYYYMMDDHHMM, and the variables in the following columns. The name of these files are in the following format:

Date modified: