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Overview of the Numerical Simulations on Canadian Territory
Display Field
Mean Wind Speed
Mean Wind Energy
Roughness Length
Land/Water Mask
Winter (DJF)
Spring (MAM)
Summer (JJA)
Fall (SON)

The map opposite shows the slicing of the Canadian territory in 65 tiles on which numerical simulations were performed. It displays an overview of the different fields that were calculated: mean wind speed and energy for three different heights, as well as three geographic fields (roughness length, topography, land/water mask).

Tiles Section

By clicking on the map, you can access to the navigation interface of the tile section, which gives a better view of the simulation results. There, you will be able to display those same fields on a precise area, and overlay information such as power lines, roads, towns, lakes and rivers. It is also possible to download high-resolution images and mid/mif or fst files, to compare with observations at stations, and to display wind roses and wind speed histograms.

For more details on the navigation interface, please see the help page.

The history page gives an overview of all the tiles, and shows the correspondence with the quadrangle system. See also the map in pdf format giving an overview of the simulation results on Canada for the mean wind speed at 50m.


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